Mountain Climbing

Bjelasica mountain is an excellent destination for mountain climbing in Montenegro. Its beautiful natural scenery and diverse terrain provide a challenge and a pleasure for all hiking enthusiasts, regardless of their level of experience.

Bjelasica is known for its spectacular peaks, picturesque valleys, lakes, and forests, making it ideal for exploring on foot. With numerous mountain trails and routes, there are plenty of hiking opportunities tailored to all abilities and interests.

One of the most famous routes on Bjelasica is the ascent to the summit of Crna glava, which rises to an impressive 2,139 meters above sea level. This route offers an incredible panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and lakes. The ascent to Crna glava can be challenging, but the reward of the stunning view from the top is worth every effort.

For those who prefer less demanding trails, Bjelasica also offers many forest paths that lead to hidden lakes, such as Biogradska Lake. These paths provide an opportunity to enjoy the peaceful nature, observe wildflowers and birds, and relax by the lake shores.

Mountain climbing on Bjelasica also offers the opportunity of exploring traditional Montenegrin katuns, pastoral settlements located on high pastures. Here you can experience the authentic way of life of shepherds and try traditional dairy products such as clotted cream and homemade cheese.

It is important to note that when climbing on Bjelasica, certain safety measures should be followed. It is recommended to check the weather conditions before starting, wear appropriate equipment including sturdy shoes, carry water and food, and be aware of your abilities and limits.

Hiking on Bjelasica is a unique experience that will allow you to connect with nature, enjoy beautiful landscapes, and feel the peace and quiet of this unspoiled area. Whether you are a challenge junky or simply want to explore the natural beauty of Montenegro, climbing on Bjelasica will provide you with an unforgettable experience and leave you eager for new mountain adventures.

As part of a recent project to renovate the Krivi do mountain lodge on Bjelasica, new trails have been marked and arranged, providing excellent opportunities for exploration and hiking. One of these trails leads from Krivi Do towards the Ključ summit, and then further towards the Bikovača summit.

Recommended trails starting from Krivi do

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