Komovi Mountain

Komovi Mountain, located in the northeast of Montenegro, is an ideal destination for nature lovers seeking an active vacation. This beautiful mountain is abundant with natural beauty, traditional summer pastures, and a protected area – the Komovi Nature Park.

Komovi are part of the Dinaric mountain range and stretch along the border between Montenegro and Albania. There are three distinct peaks on Komovi mountain: Kučki Kom, Ljevorečki Kom, and Vasojevićki Kom. The highest peak is Kučki Kom, rising to a height of 2,487 meters, while Ljevorečki Kom reaches a height of 2,469 meters and Vasojevicki Kom 2,461 meters. These impressive peaks offer incredible panoramic views and present a challenge for hikers and adventurers.

One of the attractions of  Komovi Mountain are the traditional summer pastures, known as katuns. Katuns are seasonal settlements used for pastoralism, typical of mountainous areas in Montenegro. During the summer months, shepherds move to these areas with their livestock to graze and produce traditional dairy products such as cheese and clotted cream. Visiting the katuns at Komovi provides an opportunity to learn about the rich cultural heritage and traditions of Montenegrin mountain life.

The Komovi Nature Park is a protected area that encompasses the entire Komovi Mountain. Here visitors can experience the affluence of natural resources, as well as diverse plant and animal species. The nature park is an important habitat for many endemic plants and rare animals. Preserving this ecosystem is a priority in order to maintain the natural balance and biodiversity of this area.

Excursions and adventures on Komovi can be organized from the Krivi Do mountain lodge. Tourists have the opportunity to hike or bike independently to Štavna on the Komovi. This approach allows visitors to enjoy close contact with nature and discover hidden corners of this wild and beautiful area.


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