Experience the authenticity of the Bjelasica mountain in the heart of the Krivi Do katun, where a combination of untouched nature, the warmth of the surrounding katun households and a rich cultural heritage awaits you. Explore beautiful landscapes, taste traditional gastronomic delicacies and indulge in peace and tranquility in the unique ambience of the Bjelasica massif.


Mountain Climbing

Bjelasica is known for its spectacular peaks, picturesque valleys, lakes and forests that make it ideal for exploring on foot. With numerous mountain trails and routes, there are plenty of hiking opportunities to suit all abilities and interests.


Bjelasica offers a variety of terrains and trails that satisfy all types of cyclists, regardless of their level of experience. Mountain roads and paths lead through beautiful forest areas, so cyclists can admire the lush nature while simultaneously enjoying the ride and the feeling of peace and isolation.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding on Bjelasica offers an incredible opportunity to explore the beauty of the mountain in a unique way. Near the mountain lodge Krivi do there are households from Katun that own horses and offer riding services. At your request, our mountain lodge can organize this activity for you.

Winter Activities

Skiing on Bjelasica is a favorite activity among fans of winter sports. Ski resorts like Kolašin 1450 and Kolašin 1600 offer different slopes for skiers of all levels of experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, you can find trails that suit your skills and preferences.

Katun road


The Katun trail Untold Bjelasica is a thematic, Katun trail over 100 km long that connects the Katun villages on the Bjelasica mountain, and represents, along with the other Katun trails, a unique tourist product in Montenegro that relies entirely on the cultural heritage and tradition represented by the Katuns. We want to share our tradition and the beauty of the region where our herders have lived for centuries with you, to show and tell you everything that is worth seeing and hearing about the old tradition that is slowly dying out. Mountain lodge Krivi dom is located on the Unspeakable Bjelasica themed trail, so we strongly recommend that you explore these possibilities and include them in your plan during your visit to Bjelasica.


Test promotional trip

As part of the project ‘Tourist centers for better tourist offer in less developed mountain areas’, a promotional trip for a group of domestic and foreign visitors was held at the beginning of September 2023, as part of building the capacity of katuns in the area of Kriv Dol to provide tourist services.

Trainings for Katun residents

In August 2023, as part of the project ‘Tourist center for a better tourist offer in less developed mountain areas’, a training session was held in the Krivi Do mountain lodge on the topic of providing tourist services. The training was held by Slavica Vukčević, owner of the travel agency Montenegro Adventures.

Restoration camp in Krivi Do

In July 2022, the 49th Regional Restoration Camp was held in Krivo Dol, which was organized by the Cultural Heritage Without Borders organization from Albania, the Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komov and Prokletije and the Municipality of Andrijevica. The host of the camp was the mountain lodge Krivi Do, where the participants were accommodated.

Gastro route


We guide you through the paths of taste and aroma of traditional mountain dishes and products, with families who still keep old recipes passed down from generation to generation, and which will be happy to share with you the art of preparing these specialties. This route connects the north of Montenegro, and takes you through three fantastic national parks, Biogradska Gora, Prokletije and Durmitor. The specific biodiversity of this area and the skillful hands of the housewives have given their stamp to the gastronomy of this region, which you will see for yourself. The dishes you will try, as well as typical mountain products from our family farms, you will not easily find on offer in other parts of Montenegro. And we recommend that you try it all at the place of origin, where you can see the path of a product with your own eyes – from pasture, orchard or field to the table. You can try many of these dishes in our mountain lodge or in the surrounding katuns.