Krivi do mountain lodge offers its guests a diverse range of food that reflects traditional cuisine and uses local mountain ingredients. You can enjoy meals prepared by using traditional recipes from homemade products. You have the option to eat in the organization of the lodge, where authentic meals such as homemade cheese, clotted cream, homemade bread, mountain potatoes, kačamak, cicvara, homemade pies, lamb, and various types of dried meat will be served.

In addition, with prior arrangement with the management, you have the option to bring your own food and use the equipped kitchen in the lodge to prepare food you prefer to eat. Also, grilling is allowed in front of the lodge, letting you enjoy the smells and tastes of freshly prepared meals outdoors.

Additionally, in the surrounding area of the lodge, there are mountain households where guests can buy homemade products such as cheese and clotted cream. These households provide the opportunity to boost your diet with authentic local products.

Also, guests have the option to dine in some of the katun households, where they can pay the hosts for their services. This is a great opportunity to experience local culture, try authentic traditional dishes prepared with love and hospitality of your hosts.

To sum up, Krivi do mountain lodge offers a variety of food. Guests can choose between meals organized by the lodge based on traditional recipes and local mountain ingredients, bringing their own food, grilling in front of the lodge, buying food in katun households, or trying local specialties in some of  those households. Whatever choice you make, you will be able to enjoy the authentic taste of Bjelasica and the richness of homemade mountain cuisine.

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